SpaceVac: America’s Leading High-Level Cleaning System

The SpaceVac range of high-level dusting systems offer operators a fast, safe and cost efficient method for removing dust from above head height from the safety of the ground!

Our award-winning range of products feature a number of unique design innovations such as our unique Safety Locking Mechanism, expanded range of accessories and market leading Carbon Fibre engineering providing the lightest, most durable cleaning system anywhere on the market.


Introducing the Award Winning

Spacevac High Level  Cleaning Systems

A range of 14 unique high-level systems for the removal of dust, dirt, blocked gutters and even combustible materials from areas up to 50 feet high from the safety of the ground floor utilising our interconnecting carbon fibre cleaning poles.

Our innovative floor operated cleaning system is packed with innovative features that mark it out as a market leader in high-level dusting:




Featuring a full range of cleaning heads, tools and brushes and simple cleaning in any area.


Works in conjunction with a range of existing vacuums or backpack vacs to seamlessly get to work.


Keep an eye on cleans with our new Explorer Camera and Monitor system – featuring 9hr battery life, 12MP stills and 1080p Streaming.


All of our cleaning poles, heads, tools and accessories are able to interconnect to create custom shapes and configurations to reach even the toughest to access areas.


Compatible with a range of tub and backpack vacuums to integrate seamlessly into your existing cleaning and building management regimes.

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Advantages of SpaceVac

Our cleaning systems offer operators and business owners a number of unique benefits and advantages when compared to traditional cleaning methods. These benefits include:

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A Safer Way To Clean

By allowing cleaning work to take place from the safety of the ground floor, SpaceVac removes all of the risks involved with operators accessing these areas at height.

Simple One Man Operation

With no need to hire, set up and access additional access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, hydraulic platforms or scissor lifts.

Cleans in Half the Time!

SpaceVac allows its operators to clean high-level areas significantly faster than traditional methods reducing cleaning time but also minimising operational downtime and maximising productivity

Unlocks Savings Fast

SpaceVac has an incredibly fast ROI and over time can allows its operators to save significant amounts of money on staff, additional access equipment and lost revenue due to cleaning downtime.

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