SpaceVac US: A Revolution in the Removal of Combustible Dust

The SpaceVac USA Division 2 cleaning system is the first of its kind to be certified as safe for use in the combustible dusts found in specialized explosive atmospheres.

Using the Div 2 system allows operators to quickly, safely, and cost-efficiently remove these hazards from high-level areas up to 50 ft above the ground. Utilizing the interconnecting full carbon cleaning poles, operators can clean explosive atmospheres with ease and without the risk of combustion occurring. Used alongside its range of unique cleaning tools and accessories, the Div 2 high-reach cleaning system is the best way to remove combustible dust before it poses risk to life or causes damage to your building. 


The perfect choice for removing Combustible dust: Division 2 and ATEX Certifed products By Spacevac

Spacevac Div2 High Level Cleaning Systems

SpaceVac US features an exclusive range of 5 fully conductive Div 2 certified high-level cleaning systems. They allow operators to quickly and safely remove combustible dust caused by wood, flour, paper, and other potential hazards. Users can operate the system up to 50 feet high without leaving the safety of the ground.

Incorporating a wide range of innovative features, the Div 2 cleaning systems are an industry leader in high-level dusting. At Spacevac, we provide both ATEX and Division 2 certified cleaning products.

Explosive Atmospheres: Classes and Divisions

In the USA, the National Electric Code is followed and categorizes hazardous locations into ‘divisions.’ In Europe, the International Electrotechnical Commission categorizes hazardous locations into ‘classes’. The ATEX Directives are identified in zones. These zones define the ‘class’ and ‘division’, indicating both the area and likelihood of an explosive substance.



There is a full range of conductive cleaning heads, tools, and brushes that make cleaning in explosive atmospheres safe, simple, and easy.


The Division 2 system is finished in 100% full carbon to ensure a conductive, non-sparking, anti-static operation. This gives operators peace of mind that it’s completely safe to use in an explosive atmosphere and to remove combustible dust.


To ensure safety during operation, the system features a specialist safety locking mechanism that keeps all parts secure with no risk of separation while in use.


The brand new Division 2 certified Camera and Monitoring system allows a real-time view while cleaning from the safety of the ground floor. Operators can view the area they’re cleaning clearly, which makes the process easier and more efficient.

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Advantages of SpaceVac USA

Our cleaning systems offer operators and business owners several unique benefits and advantages when compared to traditional cleaning methods.


A Safer Way To Clean

The SpaceVac USA Division 2 system allows operators to clean from the safety of the ground, removing the risks typically associated with accessing high-level areas. The conductive Full Carbon design ensures an entirely non-spark and anti-static operation to make the system safe to use when removing combustible dust.

Simple One Person Operation

Investing in the Division 2 system means you don’t need to hire or purchase any additional access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, hydraulic platforms, or scissor lifts. Only one operator is required to use the system because of its simple and easy-to-use accessories including heads, tools, and brushes.

Cleans in Half the Time!

SpaceVac USA’s Div 2 system allows operators to clean high-level areas faster than any other traditional cleaning methods or tools. This reduces operational downtime and maximizes productivity as users can complete cleaning jobs in combustible atmospheres in quicker times.

Unlocks Savings Fast

Investing in the Div 2 system provides a fast ROI as you save money on hiring staff, hiring or purchasing equipment, and reduces lost revenue from downtime. You also reduce the risk of an accident occurring as you can remove combustible dust from explosive atmospheres safely.

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