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A Range of Cleaning Systems to suit ANY Environment

SpaceVac is proud to offer a comprehensive range of high-level cleaning systems to suit any environment – from industrial gutter cleaning to detail work in historical houses! Use the links below to explore the range of products and accessories available… 

Internal Cleaning

A range of systems for removing high-level dust and other materials from areas such as warehouses, airports, schools, colleges, hospitals and any areas featuring high-level areas…

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Div.2 Systems

A specialist range of conductive cleaning systems certified as safe for use in Div.2 areas featuring combustible dusts such as wood, plastics, paper and food materials like rice, sugar or flour.

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External Systems

A heavyweight range of cleaning tools for removing blockages from external guttering and downpipes – essential for the health of inhabitants and the structural integrity of the building themselves…

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Specialist Systems

A brand new range of specialist tools designed for use in particular business verticals – from Food & Drink production facilities to Museums and Art Galleries….

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