Museums & Fine Art System (1.5″)

SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System

Our new Museums & Fine art system is a new specialist add-on designed to take our innnovative high-level cleaning system into Galleries, Museums and Historic houses; featuring a range of brand new additions:

Add to Any System!

The add-on pack can be used with any SpaceVac Internal or Universal cleaning system.

Unique New Brushes

Dedicated range of specialist tools and attachments incluing goat hair brushes and new tools and brushes for up close detail cleaning.

Special New Vacuum Modification

Modify any vacuum with our unique variable power controller to reduce the suction on vacuums down to low levels – perfect for removing dust from paintings, tapestries and other priceless artefacts found within these highly specialised environments.

See the Museums & Fine Art System in Action…

See What’s Included:

See what’s included in the SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System as standard: 


1 x Small Goat Hair
Brush (Very Soft)


1 x Small Round
Horse Hair Brush (Soft)


1 x 8” Flexi Brush
Horse Hair


1 x 1.5″ Hose adaptor for Micro Tool Kit inc carry bag

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