SpaceVac External Gutter Cleaning Systems

SpaceVac USA: The Easiest Way to Clean Blocked Gutters and Downpipes

Blocked gutters and downpipes create a wide range of problems for building owners – from structural issues within the building’s foundation to potential health issues for occupants.

A SpaceVac USA gutter cleaning vacuum allows users to safely, quickly, and cost-effectively remove blockages from gutters and downpipes. Utilizing interconnecting carbon fiber gutter vac cleaning poles, operators can use the system from the safety of the ground. Investing in a gutter vacuum system makes cleaning external gutters easier for users because it’s constructed from ultra-lightweight, durable materials. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

High-level gutter cleaning machine – The perfect choice for removing blockages from guttering and downpipes.

Spacevac US External Gutter Cleaning Systems

SpaceVac USA’s long-lasting 2” external cleaning system is the safest and most efficient way to clean a building’s gutters. When guttering isn’t maintained regularly, blockages build up which may lead to water leaking into a property and causing potentially serious damage. Gutter vacuum systems are a cost-effective investment as regular maintenance prevents damage and helps avoid expensive repairs – to both the gutters and your building.

Introduced to the market over a decade ago, the SpaceVac USA gutter vacuum system includes many innovative features which make it stand out as a market leader in high-level dusting.




Features an exclusive full-range of durable heavy-duty cleaning heads and tools for gutter cleaning so operators can clean a variety of different guttering systems.


The gutter cleaning machine ensures improved airflow and suction because of the poles’ increased 2” diameter to make removing heavy-duty external gutter blockages quicker and easier.


All of SpaceVac USA’s gutter vac poles, heads, and tools ensure complete operator safety as there is no risk of the parts separating. The unique safety locking mechanism ensures the system remains firmly in place during operation.


The newly available DIV.2 certified Camera and Monitoring system enables real-time monitoring of gutter cleaning from the safety of the ground to enhance the visibility of blockages.

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A Safer Way To Clean

The SpaceVac USA gutter cleaning vacuum enables operators to use the system from the safety of the ground. Cleaning gutters in the past meant climbing ladders and using manual tools, which came with the risk of damaging the gutters or falling. Remove these risks with a specialist gutter cleaning machine that’s also cost-effective and features innovative cleaning technology.

Simple One Person Operation

There isn’t any need to hire or purchase any additional equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, hydraulic platforms, or scissor lifts. SpaceVac USA’s gutter cleaning vacuum only needs one member of staff to operate the system and is easy to use with minimal training.

Cleans in Half the Time!

SpaceVac US gutter vac poles allow operators to clean high-level areas significantly faster than traditional methods. Reducing cleaning time not only minimizes any downtime but ensures productivity increases.

Unlocks Savings Fast

The gutter cleaning machine is a cost-effective investment and delivers a quick and fast ROI for businesses. Owning the system saves money on hiring staff, purchasing or hiring additional access equipment, and reduces lost revenue as a result of cleaning downtime. Ensuring you undertake regular gutter maintenance also reduces the risk of any damage occurring which could lead to costly repairs.

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