Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The World's Leading High-Level Cleaning System.

Questions? Please feel free to browse our FAQ section to find more information on the SpaceVac system. Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to visit our resources area to download product guides and watch videos, or contact us to discuss your requirements with us in detail or to request a demo.

SpaceVac’s innovative system of interlocking poles and cleaning tools and accessories, allows operators to clean areas up to 50 ft high from the ground floor without needing to use items like scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

Our External cleaning system allows operators to clean up to 50 ft from the ground floor, while our Internal and DIV.2 systems clean up to 35 ft.

Our standard Internal system is built around 38mm diameter poles in a Carbon-fibre blend. The External system uses the same material in a 50mm diameter, while our Div.2 system utilises 38mm poles made from 100% carbon to be completely conductive.

Each system comes with a full set of tools, heads and brushes to provide a range of cleaning operators. For full details of individual inventories, please explore the range.

Our wireless camera and monitor systems feature a camera mounted to the top of the cleaning head and a monitor at ground floor level. The camera streams to the monitor via bluetooth in real time and also includes the ability to record footage onto an SD Card.

Yes – all of our Div.2, Internal and External cleaning systems feature a camera and monitor system included as standard.

Our innovative Safety Locking mechanism is a simple but secure mechanism designed to make sure that the high-level poles do not separate when in use.

The use of 50mm cleaning poles in our external system allows for greater airflow at height which leads to less blockages when dealing with heavy duty waste from guttering.

SpaceVac is designed and built in Great Britain and distributed via exclusive license in the United States.

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