Published on 28 December 2019

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Filming cleaning

As we come to the end of another busy and exciting year for the team at SpaceVac USA, it’s always exciting to look ahead to the new year. 

To begin with, 2020 was a very exciting year for us – not least because after a long and intensive period of R&D – our team were finally able to bring ten amazing new products into the specialise cleaning marketplace (and thats not even counting our new line of accessories  such as the SpaceSuit and vacuums!) including our new Internal ULTRA and Internal PRO system as well as a number of specialist systems including Food Safe, High Voltage and 50mm ATEX.

In addition – in line with our stated goals to bring SpaceVac to new markets across the world – throughout 2019 we continued to expand our reach worldwide significantly as well – with large new markets opened up across South Asia, South America and further across Europe – giving us near world wide coverage.

In addition to this, we were lucky enough to spend a lot of this year overseas working with our fantastic dealer network – at dozens of events and exhibitions, including CMS in Berlin where we even broke a world record for good measure.

Filming cleaning

Ultimately our continued success depends on the wonderful team that we have assembled this last few years around the world and I would personally like to thank each and every member of Team SpaceVac – both here in the UK and overseas as well – for their huge contribution this year. In addition – the continued passion for SpaceVac among our customers is the reason we continue to strive for improvements in the system and we look forward to continuing to provide our famed level of support to our clients throughout 2020 as well.

We wish all of our clients, partners, friends and visitors around the world, a very happy holiday season and a very prosperous 2020.

Tommie Nisula, CEO SpaceVac International, December 2019.

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