The World’s #1 High-Level Cleaning System

SpaceVac’s innovative high-level cleaning equipment has enabled us to become global market leaders in our industry. Our systems have seen plaudits and rave reviews from clients worldwide, including specialist cleaning companies, facilities management teams and domestic customers.

Our range has grown exponentially thanks to over a decade of innovation and cutting edge design. In this time, we’ve gone from producing just one system for cleaning blocked guttering and downpipes, to having multiple products suited to a selection of internal and external high-level cleaning tasks. Despite our developments, SpaceVac retains the fundamental goal of producing easy-to-use systems that make your high-level cleaning safer and faster.

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Over a Decade of Innovation

We’re proud of the high-level cleaning systems we’ve made, but we’re always trying to push the boundaries and improve our range. Our engineering team continues to develop and refine SpaceVac systems, always with the goal of creating the highest quality systems with maximum performance.

Our latest generation of high-level cleaning systems incorporate our most advanced cleaning technology yet. Lightweight yet robust carbon fiber heads help to reduce weight – even when fully extended.

Manufactured in the UK

All SpaceVac high-level cleaning systems feature our cutting-edge ‘safety locking’ mechanism as standard and are all manufactured in the UK. This helps to improve the safety during operation as the system will not separate when in use – unlike external clamp and friction fit systems available elsewhere on the market

In 2015, SpaceVac became the first system of its kind to be certified as safe to use in ATEX Explosive Atmospheres. Spark-free use was developed by building a system that incorporated cutting-edge anti-static technology, enabling it to be used in highly explosive atmospheres such as manufacturing facilities and industrial environments.


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