High Level Vacuum Cleaning Equipment with SpaceVac USA

At SpaceVac USA, we offer a range of high quality cleaning solutions for difficult to reach, high up areas. We manufacture both internal and external systems and are pioneers in the industry of high level cleaning. We have over ten years of experience in creating cutting edge equipment with the aim of making you high level cleaning faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient.

Our products give you an effective, simple to use solution for cleaning external guttering, light trays, windows, air vents, or any high area in your workplace. Whether you require a system to clean your airport, school, office, home or industrial building, SpaceVac USA will have a high level cleaning solution that’s right for you.

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Cost Effective for Your Business

High level vacuum cleaning equipment is far more cost effective in the long run, even when you purchase outright. Hiring scaffolding, cherry pickers or external high level cleaning teams adds to your outgoings over time. Make a one-off payment and invest in an easy-to-use, high performance system that will give impressive cleaning results for years to come.

A Safer Way to Work

Improve the safety of your workplace by investing in a SpaceVac high level cleaning equipment. Falling from a ladder, cherry picker or scaffolding has the potential to be serious and will likely result in serious injury. Manoeuvring to reach awkward areas or tripping on equipment are easily done, even for the most experienced cleaners.

High level vacuum cleaning equipment completely eradicates the risk of slip and fall injuries during cleaning processes. Get impressive cleaning results at heights of up to 50ft from the safety of the ground below. Simply set up your system, clean the desired area and move onto the next section.


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Uninterrupted Cleaning

Before high level vacuums, businesses would have to interrupt their working days during the cleaning process. Scaffolding and cherrypickers take up far more time to set up, move and take down, meaning more downtime for your business.

With a SpaceVac high level vacuum, cleaning can be completed much faster than other methods. Clean before or after a working day to get the job done with minimum disruption to your everyday running.

Fast and Efficient High Level Cleaning

SpaceVac high level cleaning systems will save you time on your cleaning tasks by maximising the efficiency of your processes. Scaffolding takes a long time to set up and take down, whilst cleaning with a ladder forces users to climb down and move when they are ready to clean a new section.

By using a SpaecVac USA high level cleaning system users can quickly set up, clean the desired area and move onto the next section with ease.


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Internal and External High Level Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

We manufacture a range of internal and external vacuums that are suited to a selection of different tasks. External vacuums such as the External Classic or the Universal System offer a valuable solution to high level gutter cleaning, which includes guttering, downpipes and fascias. These products are effective, easy to use and are a valuable tool for helping to maintain your guttering.

Internal high level cleaning equipment come in a range of different systems, each with their own unique features that make them better suited to certain tasks. The Internal Lite for example is a perfect entry level model for vacuuming areas of up to 11ft, such as offices, domestic properties or retail spaces. For cleaning higher industrial environments such as factories, warehouses or manufacturing plants, the Internal Ultra is better suited.

Whatever your requirements are, SpaceVac USA has a high level cleaning solution that is perfect for you.

High Level Cleaning for Combustible Environments

Cleaning in Division 2 certified areas requires a specifically designed tool that ensures that safety remains at the highest standard possible. Cleaning in explosive atmospheres poses a number of unique challenges to cleaners where a single spark may present significant risk to staff and properties.

That’s why SpaceVac USA developed the world’s first Division 2 compliant system that guarantees spark free and anti-static use at all times. Use our range of innovative solutions to safely and effectively vacuum in combustible atmospheres where flammable dusts, gases and vapours are present.


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