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SpaceVac US are one of the world leading manufacturers of high-level cleaning systems for high level dusting applications. Managing your levels of dust, whatever your industry, is essential for the safety of staff and to maintain a professional looking environment. Health problems from the inhalation of dust are one of the main concerns and as a business owner you have a duty to protect your staff and customers.

Our vacuums for high level dusting offer users impressive suction performance and are trusted to deliver results by some of the world’s biggest companies. SpaceVac USA’s range of 5 high-level cleaning systems enables operators to remove dust from areas up to 50ft high from the safety of the ground. We also offer a full range of high level dusting tools, heads, and brushes to ensure users can reach high places in any area.



Cost Effective High Level Dusting

Our high level dusting equipment offers a cost effective solution for your workplace cleaning needs. They allow you to fully remove dust from difficult to reach, high up areas in your business with ease.

The alternative to using a high level dusting vacuum is to use a ladder, scaffolding or cherry picker. All of these options will slow down your dusting processes, make for a greater amount of downtime for your business and cost more in the long run through rental fees. A SpaceVac US vacuum is a one off payment and is built to last for many years to come.

Improving Your Workplace Safety

The high level cleaning solutions on offer from SpaceVac US will help your business maintain a high level of safety during cleaning tasks. Working at a height using ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers always comes with the danger of falling, which in many cases can cause serious injury. Business owners, facility managers and building owners are responsible for keeping their staff safe at all times.

By using our high level dusting solutions you eradicate the safety issues related to high level dusting. Remove dust from hard to reach areas in your workplace – such as vents, lighting or structural supports – from the safety of the ground below. Simply set up your SpaceVac vacuum, clean the desired area and move to the next location with ease. No need for climbing up and down, moving ladders or hauling heavy equipment.


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Innovative Design to Make High Level Dusting Easier

SpaceVac US have been at the forefront of cutting edge design since we began over a decade ago. All of our high level dusting systems come with our innovative ‘safety locking’ system. This simple device was developed to prevent the system from separating whilst in use – unlike other external clamp systems or friction fit systems.

Our Explorer Camera and Monitor system enables operators to closely view the areas they are cleaning to make any cleaning tasks easier. This is another reason why the high level dusting equipment is the best vacuum for reaching high places as users have improved vision of previously unseeable areas.

Dust Safety Professionals

SpaceVac are Dust Safety Professional members which is a body of recommended companies.

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What one of our clients had to say...

"Overall an excellent product. Fantastic system with lots of safety features, making it easy to use. Great service from the staff at Space-Vac."

Dawn Gilman

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