SpaceVac and NFPA Standards

SpaceVac are proud to work alongside NFPA to provide high level cleaning solutions that comply with NFPA standards. Our range features products that adhere to NFPA standards 484 and 564, to ensure the maximum level of safety during use.

By working alongside NFPA, you can trust SpaceVac to deliver safe high level cleaning for everyone, even in potentially explosive atmospheres. This helps to secure a safer working environment for all and protects your company premises from fire and explosion risk.

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NFPA: Dedicated to Making a Safer Workplace

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organisation established in 1896. They are devoted to minimising the risk of injury or death, as well as property of economic loss due to fire hazards.

Over time they have built up a vast network of workers worldwide who help to keep fire risks at bay in an ever increasingly complex world. They deliver information through standards, research, education, training and more and have partnered with an impressive 50,000 individuals worldwide.

NFPA 652 Compliance

NFPA 652 is relevant to many businesses that manufacture, process, repackage or handle combustible materials in solid or dust form. If your business handles combustible materials, you are required to adhere to NFPA 652 regulations and carry out a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA). This is absolutely essential for keeping your staff and workplace safe from potential fire hazards.

NFPA 652 helps to:

  • Protect people, whether that be customers, staff or the public, from risk of fire and explosion.
  • Protect properties from fire and explosion damage.
  • Protect any neighbouring buildings or facilities, as well as surrounding environments.


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NFPA 484 Compliance

NFPA 484 standard for combustible metal details guidelines for the production, processing, handling and storage of metals that are in a form capable of combustion. If your application involves the handling of combustible metals, such as aluminium or magnesium, NFPA 484 is relevant to you. It focusing on a range or areas:

  • Determining the combustibility of a metal.
  • Hazard analysis.
  • Highlighting and locating possible sources of ignition.
  • Communicating valuable information on all forms of potentially combustible metal powders.
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