Safe High Level Cleaning Equipment with ATEX Equipment

SpaceVac offers a wide range of innovative high level ATEX cleaning equipment, tools and accessories. If your business deals with combustible dust, ATEX equipment must be used to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, as well as to protect your company premises. Regardless of the system you choose, these products will provide completely spark free operation to eliminate risk of fire and explosion.

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Choosing Your ATEX Cleaning Equipment With SpaceVac

SpaceVac manufactures 5 cutting-edge ATEX cleaning systems for use in a range of environments; the 38mm ATEX Lite, 38mm ATEX Pioneer, 38mm ATEX Pro, 50mm ATEX Pro System and the 38mm ATEX Ultra. Each of our ATEX systems come with their own unique set of benefits and applications, with a range of price points to ensure you find something that’s perfect for you.

All of our ATEX Cleaning products provides completely spark free operation to reduce risk of combustion and explosion. Investing in high quality ATEX equipment for your business is absolutely essential in keeping your workplace safe and compliant.

ATEX Accessories

All SpaceVac ATEX systems from SpaceVac offer a full range of accessories and addons to make certain cleaning tasks easier. All of our accessories are uniquely designed to provide exceptional solutions for a whole host of environments, whether you require anti-static or conductive ATEX equipment. Our range includes brushes nozzles, floor tools, adapters and more.

Cost Effective Solution

With Spacevac you can reach many areas that more traditional methods cannot reach, so the efficiency of the clean is very much superior, saving customers on average 75% of cleaning time. Also in Ex-Proof areas, ie a bakery, the floor space is very much utilised by production lines so getting a cherry picker in is impossible the only option is usually plant shutdown and scaffolding.


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The Importance of ATEX High Reach Cleaning Systems

ATEX is a European certification that ensures spark free operation to eliminate fire and explosion hazards. Equipment that is branded as ATEX Certified has undergone rigorous testing to make sure it is safe to use in hazardous and explosive atmospheres.

When working in industrial environments, a wide range of flammable gases, mists, vapours and dusts can make for potentially explosive atmospheres. Even an ignition source as small as a spark can cause combustion and explosion. By using an ATEX vacuum cleaner, you ensure that your high level cleaning is spark free and therefore safe for use at all times.

About ATEX

The ATEX directive uses zones to classify potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres. Classifications range from an ignitable condition being an unlikely occurrence (Zones 2 and 22) to continuously present (Zones 0 and 20).

  • Gas / Vapour / Mist: Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2
  • Powder / Dust: Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22

Dust Safety Professionals

SpaceVac are Dust Safety Professional members which is a body of recommended companies.

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To find out more about our range of ATEX cleaning equipment and how they can provide safe, compliant high level cleaning for combustible environments, contact a member of our expert team today.

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What one of our clients had to say...

"Overall an excellent product. Fantastic system with lots of safety features, making it easy to use. Great service from the staff at Space-Vac."

Dawn Gilman

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