Gutter Cleaning Solutions with SpaceVac USA

SpaceVac USA features a range of gutter cleaning solutions for effectively cleaning and maintaining your external guttering. Our high quality and dependable gutter vacuums are the perfect tool to clean downpipes, as well as external fascias. We have over a decade of experience with providing worldwide domestic and commercial gutter cleaning equipment and have cemented ourselves as an industry leader in our field.

All of our gutter cleaning solutions are made from our super lightweight carbon fiber which ensures easy operation (even at full extension) and unrivaled high quality design. We have constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in a high level vacuum to develop a range of products that offer fast, simple solutions for our customers.



The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is an important part of maintaining a building, be it a workplace or domestic property. Blocked guttering not only looks bad, but it can lead to costly repairs if left. Blockages will over time lead to further damage to your guttering, and may lead to more serious issues such as mold build up or even structural damage if water is not removed from the roof.

SpaceVac US have a range of external high level gutter cleaning solutions to help maintain your fascias. Our products will remove dirt build ups, leaves or sticks, or anything else that may have blocked your guttering. By investing and utilizing our gutter vacuums, you help to protect your property from potential damage which could be even more costly to repair in the long run.

Gutter Cleaning Solutions to Save You Time and Money

Our range of gutter cleaning equipment will help to make your cleaning processes faster and more efficient. Faster cleaning means that less time is wasted and that your business sees less downtime. This means you stay operational for longer and that cleaning processes result in the minimum amount of interference with your business or home life.

Traditional gutter cleaning would involve hiring scaffolding or a cherry picker – both of which are costly and time-consuming. Ladders are another option but they too are tedious as users have to climb down and rearrange their equipment regularly. SpaceVac gutter vacuum cleaning equipment can be set up, used and then transported to the next area with ease.


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Innovative Gutter Cleaning Design

Our camera attachment allows users to see inside of the guttering funnel from the safety of SpaceVac US are proud of our rich history with cutting edge design and innovation. the ground below. This helps operators to spot blockages faster and improves safety as you do not need to inspect the guttering beforehand using a ladder or scaffolding. Connect to a floor mounted monitor below or record to a SD card.

The entire SpaceVac range also features our ‘Safety Locking’ mechanism’ as standard. This innovative feature ensures that your vacuum does not separate during use. Other friction fit and external clamp systems may separate which may cause damage to the device, your building or the user.

Dust Safety Professionals

SpaceVac are Dust Safety Professional members which is a body of recommended companies.

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What one of our clients had to say...

"Overall an excellent product. Fantastic system with lots of safety features, making it easy to use. Great service from the staff at Space-Vac."

Dawn Gilman

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