Published on 15 January 2020

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The team at SpaceVac North America are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new addition to our range for use with your SpaceVac – the new SpaceSuit!


The SpaceVac is an exciting new addition to our range that has been specifically created for use with our entire  range of high-level cleaning systems – making even long term use of our cleaning technology at height – a walk in the park!

By utilising lightweight carbon fibre, the core of our pole system is extremely lightweight – meaning that even when extended to its full height; the system is the lightest available on the market. The SpaceSuit however, is a simple and easily adjustable back support, that clips to the base of your SpaceVac system and makes it even lighter and easier to work with – even if you are having to wear the system over long intensive cleaning projects.

By wearing the support in this way, the total weight of the system is distributed evenly across the users back and shoulders which has the effect of reducing the real weight of the poles in hand to almost nothing – light enough even to lift the entire pole stem with just one finger!

As if all of that wasnt enough – the new SpaceSuit also comes equipped with a pair of innovative prismatic glasses, that allow operators to look upwards and monitor cleans without having to strain their neck in an upwards direction to do so – another ergonomic benefit of this fantastic new addition to the SpaceVac range!


Indeed – as if all of that wasn’t useful enough, the system is also compatible with other high-reach pole systems as well so the brace can be used to support both our own telescopic inspection pole for use before and after cleaning and even water fed window cleaning poles as well!

We believe this brand new innovation will prove to be a great addition to the SpaceVac range and we hope you will find out more!

Be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements with the team here today!

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