Published on 13 February 2020

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From our humble beginnings as a simple system for the easy removal of materials from blocked guttering, the range of SpaceVac cleaning systems has grown to over a dozen specialist products each with a specific purpose in mind.

Here we examine the differences between the systems and how they might be used;

Cleaning in process

Internal Systems:

Our range of internal high-level cleaning systems now includes four different varieties of cleaning pole, each accessorised with a full range of specialist cleaning tools and brushes;

SpaceVac In Operation

Division 2 Systems:

Meanwhile a number of new systems have been launched this year for customers working within Division 2 rated specialist environments…

Finally – in addition to our world beating 50mm External cleaning poles – which power our external gutter cleaning and universal cleaning systems, as of 2020 we are proud to announce the launch of two brand new systems onto the marketplace as well; a new High Voltage line for use in trackside and other specialist high-voltage environments, but also a new Food Safe cleaning system, designed specifically for use within the Food and Drink sector.

To find out more, please be sure to contact us and discuss your requirements with us in detail, to help us find the perfect SpaceVac for you!

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