Published on 26 February 2020

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Cleaning demo

As you maybe already know, SpaceVac is proud to maintain a dealer network that stretches all the way from Buffalo New York to Austin, Texas; with a network across all 50 states and even across Canada and Mexico as well…

This dedicated dealer network has a wealth of experience in the specialist cleaning sector and offers our customers peace of mind when it comes to sales support and most important – after care!

One of the most important aspects of the teams work each month is to head out onto clients sites and demonstrate SpaceVac for them onsite. We’ve found that this is a very effective way of helping clients to find the right system and there are a number of reasons why;

Seeing is Believing

Simply put – while our videos do a great job of showcasing the potential of SpaceVac for cleaning at high-levels, they only really tell half of the story. A lot of our clients – quite rightly – want to have an expectation of the kinds of results that they can achieve using SpaceVac on their own walls and pipework. This often also helps to make the business case internally as all decision makers can come along at the same time.

Cleaning demo

The next advantage that a demo offers is that it gives you the opportunity to spend some time with the kit and ask lots of questions of the demonstrator. Our team are highly skilled and have a wealth of high level cleaning experience so these demos are the perfect opportunity to pick their brands and find out more about how to get the most out of their SpaceVac systems.

Finally the other great purpose that a demo can offer potential clients is the opportunity to compare different models in the SpaceVac range and find the right system for them. As you will have noticed elsewhere on the site, our range has grown considerably to 13 dedicated cleaning lines in 2020 and a demo is the ideal way to put each of the systems to the test and ensure that we help you find the perfect SpaceVac for you.

Be sure to contact us today to book a free demo on your premises, or to find your local sales representative, please use our map here.

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