Published on 3 September 2020

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SpaceVac products at work

As we have noted here on the blog before, the team at SpaceVac pride ourselves on constant innovation and we are always looking for new ways to utilise our high-level cleaning technology to help our clients and potential new clients in new business verticals.

Recent examples of this innovation include the launch of our Food Safe system in 2019 – designed as a bespoke new solution for our partners in the Food and Drink sectors – and the launch in 2020 of our new High-voltage pole system – which allows FM partners to clean safely in areas such as trackside environments for the first time; being built to withstand up to 50,000 volts.

The latest addition to this ever growing line of products is our brand new system designed for use in Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Houses.

Over recent years, our Internal cleaning system has proven incredibly popular in this space – with clients from Buckingham Palace to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Germany reaching for our high-level poles to assist in the removal of high-level dust.

To make SpaceVac even more attractive to clients in this space, the new system features a range of unique touches that make it perfect for removing high-level dust safely from environments where architecture, precious artefacts and materials thousands of years old, mean specialist tools are required for the job.

To begin with the Fine Art system comes equipped with a brand new version of our SpaceVac Mercury Vacuum. Built on our powerful twin motor Mercury vac specs, the new model features a unique power attenuator, that enables operators to reduce power down to almost nothing. This unique new feature allows the system to be used on even the most delicate of materials including painting and tapestries to remove dust without damaging the items themselves.

In addition, at the other end of our carbon fibre cleaning poles, the new Fine Art heads kit, comes equipped with a range of custom new heads and tools to provide cleaning performance in even the most intricate, difficult to clean areas.

You can see more of this exciting new system in the short video below:

For more information on our new Fine Art system or to request a free demonstration on your premises, please be sure to contact us today or book a free demo using the short form located over here.

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