Published on 9 November 2020

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Cleaning in process

As the Covid pandemic has spread across the world, the topics of cleaning  and disinfection are rightly beginning to become more prominent in many businesses minds. While certain common sense precautions can be effective measures in stopping the spread of COVID-19, more can be done.

A key component to any successful cleaning regime is a focus on improving the IAQ – or Indoor Air Quality.  As early as July of this year, the World Health Organization reported that research had concluded that that poor ventilation in a building can quickly increase the spread of COVID-19.

Most cleaners and BSCs have recognised for some time now that a good IAQ rating is crucial to the health of a buildings occupants – as a low IAQ has previously been linked to a range of medicals issues from headaches and breathing difficulty, to more serious respiratory conditions including pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer and even heart disease.

Recent research from the EPA estimates that some 90% of Americans time – either at work or home – is spent in an internal environment – often with little or no ventilation. It is for this reason that removing dust and other materials that can impact the IAQ of a space and potentially spread harmful diseases like Covid – which bonds itself to the dust particles to help its spread – is crucial. 

By quickly and easily removing dust from internal settings, the SpaceVac system helps to not only reduce the potential harm done by residual dust and the bacteria that attaches to it, but by ensuring the optimum performance of filtration systems and removing dust from vents that would otherwise be spreading throughout the environment, the system can help as part of a wider push to improve IAQ.

Even better – the system only requires one operator and has a very low operational footprint and operating volume, meaning it can easily deployed – even during business hours – with minimal disruption to the people in the immediate vicinity.

In addition to improving conditions for employees and visitors within a building, the resultant reduction in illness and absence can also help to boost productivity for businesses as well – proving that even modest investments in quality cleaning equipment can have unexpected benefits across the business!

Talk to us about your specific requirements and how SpaceVac can help today! Reach out to us and talk to us here!

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