Published on 21 January 2021

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SpaceVac In Operation

Our partners in the FM and BSC sector continue to turn to SpaceVac for the strategic edge that the system gives them in competitive situations.

In these highly competitive tender processes, the inclusion of SpaceVac as part of a proposed maintenance regimen can add a number of unique selling points; not least the substantial time and cost savings offered by the system.

In addition, SpaceVac also offers a number of other advantages to forward-thinking partners:

  1. In new bid/tenders, it is often a requirement of new biddersto furnish propsals of new innovations that will provide the client with an environmental reason for choosing their bid. In this instance Spacevac can form a very positive addition to any new tenders where the use of the system minimises disruption to operating environments with small footprint and low operating volume.
  2. Where existing contracts are already in play with an element of high level cleaning requirements, the costs of the associated access equipment will often be “baked in” at the tender stage. The addition of Spacevac to the armoury of equipment adds an efficiency and cost saving that will not have been costed out when tendering, presenting a fantastic ROI on a current live contract.
  3. In existing contracts – where the element of high level cleaning was not originally part of the contract, it can then be added on as an additional project as a very profitable add on, enhancing income stream and improving margin.
  4. The use of our high-level cleaning systems allows operators to begin bidding on contracts and opportunities for high-level cleaning with minimal investment in the system and minimal training required.
  5. In addition, our wider range of cleaning products – including our new Explorer camera and monitoring system and the new SpaceSuit – have applications for other cleaning work including window cleaning, building inspection, pest control and and other applications; increasing the ROI further and allowing for additional revenue streams elsewhere in the service offering.

Aside from the obvious safety benefits and savings that can be generated by the use of SpaceVac’s high level cleaning equipment onsite, the addition of our equipment to your services portfolio, presents our partners with a unique proposition, that not only helps businesses to achieve its operational goals but also its commercial goals as well.

Talk to us today about your current requirements and see how we could help you to regain an unfair advantage in competitive bidding situations and allow clients to unlock the safety and savings of high-level cleaning with SpaceVac.

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