Published on 28 July 2021

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The New York State Department of Labor recently published its new Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan (AID) as part of the recently enacted New York Health and Essential Rights Act, which requires the state to create various industry-specific model plans for the prevention of airborne infectious disease.

Introduced in part in response to the hazards presented by Covid 19, the bill states that by August 4th, all New York employers with worksites (of any size) located in New York must either adopt the applicable Model Plan provided by the NY DOL or establish an alternative plan that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set forth in the published Exposure Prevention Standard.

Every plan must include appropriate exposure controls for activities performed at the worksite, including cleaning and disinfecting all key areas throughout a facility including specific instructions for the decontamination of frequently touched surfaces, shared tools and equipment, common areas and other possible points of transmission.

SpaceVac Rises to the Challenge

One of the key areas of note in the legislation is the explicit need for the removal of dust from facilities. According to the World Health Organisation in 2020, poorly maintained ventilation equipment has been a primary driver of Covid transmission; as the Covid particles bind themselves to dust particles with their outer spikes, before then being spread around a building by ventilation systems.

SpaceVac allows for the fast, safe and cost cost efficient removal of this hazardous material using our interlocking cleaning poles to allow for cleaning up to 50 ft high. The system comes with a full range of angled cleaning heads and brushes to allow operators to easily remove high level dust from recessed, windows, walls, pipework, ducting, vents, cable trays and any other inaccessible area where dust can settle above head height – not only improving the hygiene and cleanliness of the facility but also helping to remove the potential for transmission of infectious diseases.

SpaceVac Vent Cleaning

Non-compliance with this new legislation comes with stiff civil penalties so its crucial that building owner begin making preparations for this new legislation as soon as possible. To find out more about how SpaceVac can help tackle this hidden hazard – be sure to reach out to your local SpaceVac representatives – Cherokee Sales – or to find out more about SpaceVac – please visit out website at

In the meantime – to find out more on the new legislation, click here or if you are located in New York state – and would like to talk to your local SpaceVac representative to see how our high level cleaning systems can assist in managing this hazard, be sure to reach out to the team at Cherokee Equipment:

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