SpaceVac USA: America’s Leading High-Level Dusting System

Used by some of the world’s biggest companies, SpaceVac US’s range of high-level cleaning equipment and dusting systems are market leaders in the industry. The high level cleaning system is the best vacuum for reaching high places as it’s fast, safe, and cost-effective. Operators can remove dust from above head height with the ceiling vacuum cleaner from the safety of the ground.


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The perfect choice for removing high-level dust

Spacevac Internal Cleaning Systems

SpaceVac USA’s range of 5 high-level cleaning systems enables operators to remove dust from areas up to 50ft high from the safety of the ground. Utilizing the interconnecting carbon fiber cleaning poles makes it simple for users to use the high level dust removal equipment. The ceiling cleaner machine has many innovative features which mark it out as industry-leading in high-level dusting.

There are four key reasons why you should invest in SpaceVac US’s high level dusting equipment:


The high level cleaning system’s full range of cleaning heads, tools, and brushes make it the best vacuum for reaching high places in any area.


Operators can use the high-level dusting equipment with SpaceVac USA’s full range of vacuums or backpack vacs to complete any cleaning tasks easily and efficiently.


The high ceiling vacuum cleaner guarantees operator safety because of the Safety Locking Mechanism, which ensures there is no risk of the parts separating while in use.


The Explorer Camera and Monitor system enables operators to closely view the areas they are cleaning to make any cleaning tasks easier. This is another reason why the high level dusting equipment is the best vacuum for reaching high places as users have improved vision of previously unseeable areas. The camera features a 9hr battery life, 12MP stills, and 1080p streaming quality.

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Advantages of SpaceVac US

SpaceVac USA’s ceiling cleaner machine offers a wide range of unique benefits and advantages to business owners:


A Safer Way To Clean

Cleaning high-level areas have never been safer as operators can clearly view and effectively clean from the safety of the ground. All risks that come from working in high-up areas are removed. The Safety Locking Mechanism also ensures the poles won’t separate while in use, to further protect operators using the high level dust removal equipment.

Simple Person Man Operation

The high-level dust removal equipment is simple to operate by one person and removes the need to purchase or hire additional equipment such as scaffolding, hydraulic platforms, ladders, or scissor lifts.

Cleans in Half the Time!

Because of SpaceVac US’s user-friendly design, operators can clean high-level areas much faster than using traditional tools and methods. Utilizing the ceiling vacuum cleaner reduces downtime as a result of cleaning and improves productivity.

Unlocks Savings Fast

SpaceVac USA’s high-ceiling vacuum cleaner delivers a fast ROI as you invest less in staff, additional access equipment, and reduced revenue because of downtime.

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