Now Available to RENT across the USA!

SpaceVac USA’s full range of dust removal machines and gutter vacuums are available to rent across the USA. Thanks to our agreement with Sunbelt Rentals, our exclusive high-level cleaning systems are more accessible than ever before.

This partnership allows every client to save time and money. Instead of making a long-term commitment by purchasing the equipment, use our gutter vacuum and dust removal machine rental to get the right deal for you.

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Why Rent Dust Removal Machines?

Dust removal machines and gutter vacuum rental offers our clients more convenience than an outright purchase, as well as many other benefits:


Renting reduces operating costs as you don’t have to store, maintain, or repair any machinery. SpaceVac US ensures the equipment is delivered to you in optimal condition, so you only ever have to pay the cost of the rental, no other payments associated with ownership.


Our dust removal machine rental and gutter vacuums are fully serviced and maintained all year round. When you hire our equipment, you also have access to 24/7 support from our network of specialists on any query.


At SpaceVac USA, we’re a team of cleaning professionals who are always available to offer advice and provide training on the tools and equipment. If you’ve never used the gutter vacuum rental before hiring it, our team ensures you have the knowledge needed to complete your job.


SpaceVac USA’s rental service offers seasonal, temporary, specialized services to clients utilizing our equipment without up-front investment. Your business has complete flexibility when renting from us, whether it’s for a one-off job or a series of tasks over a week.

Advantages of SpaceVac US Rentals

At SpaceVac USA, our cleaning systems offer operators and business owners many unique advantages when compared to traditional cleaning methods. Rent a dust removal machine or gutter vacuum to benefit from the innovative, industry-leading cleaning tools. View our Case Studies.

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A Safer Way To Clean

SpaceVac US cleaning equipment allows operators to clean from the safety of the ground. Instead of using additional access equipment to reach high levels, users can remove the risk of working at heights through our dust removal machine rentals.

Simple One Person Operation

Our cleaning equipment is simple to operate and designed for improved ease of use. Only one person is needed to use the equipment and they don’t need to use hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, scaffolding, or ladders.

Cleans in Half the Time

Using SpaceVac USA’s equipment and tools, operators can clean high-level areas much faster compared to standard methods. Businesses can maximize the productivity of their rental time because the systems are simple to use and deliver quick results.

Unlocks Savings Fast

Instead of paying an upfront cost for equipment, our rental service allows you to save significant costs. The systems do not require additional access equipment or more than one staff member, which also saves on costs and time.

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Please use the short form below to request a rental quote from your local SpaceVac US / Sunbelt Dealership. A member of the team will be in contact to discuss your rental requirements!

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