Why Rent a SpaceVac?

Why Rent a SpaceVac?

2020-07-06 blog New Products News 0

The team at SpaceVac North America are pleased to announce the launch of our new rental operation in the US – making our range of innovative high-level cleaning systems available to rent for the first time courtesy of our new partnership with the team at Sunbelt Rentals.

Rental is an option that has been requested by our clients for a number of years as there are a number of potential benefits to be gained from a short rental over a purchase.

While all of our clients clearly have their own unique requirements when they come to us for the first time, some more of the common reasons include;

  • Budget. We understand that the purchase of a new SpaceVac is an investment and as such might not be feasible due to restricted operating budgets or because the client doesn’t yet have enough demand for high-level cleaning to warrant the investment. In this instance – a rental allows the client to enjoy the benefits of the system right away without big investment.
  • Peace of Mind. Some of our clients prefer a rental as they enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are not responsible for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep required of the SpaceVac system. Each and every time a rental system is delivered to a clients site, users can always know that their equipment has been rigorously checked and tested, inventoried and works perfectly. In addition – the network of cleaning and hire specialists at Sunbelt Rentals (our rental partner) are available to support you 24/7!
  • Flexibility. For some of our clients – particularly clients who do not own their own warehouse or perhaps have limited storage capacity, a rental is a more practical solution with no need to store a system when its not in use. When new rentals are booked, the SpaceVac system is delivered directly to the clients site and collected / returned on completion of the project from the same location.
  • Futureproofing. Our team of engineers are always adding new functionality and upgrades to our range of cleaning systems and we understand that operators will not want to regularly upgrade equipment as new updates are released. By using SpaceVac on a rental basis, operators will always have access to the latest and most up to date iteration of the equipment.
  • Finally, lots of our clients understand that a rental is the perfect opportunity to “test out the system” in a way that a demonstration onsite cant achieve. When cleaning teams have the opportunity to work with SpaceVac for protracted periods of time, they quickly understand the benefits the system can bring and a number of rental customers have already returned to us to purchase their own SpaceVac systems having carried out extended rental trials.


Whatever the reason you’re looking at renting a SpaceVac today – feel free to reach out to us and discuss your rental requirements with us today. More information can be found here.


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