Published on 20 February 2020

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Dust presents obvious problems for any businesses working within the hotel and hospitality or entertainment sectors; visitors demand and expect the highest levels of cleanliness and its this that has seen SpaceVac be such a success in this area.

From Caesers Palace to Disney Resorts, many clients have quickly adopted SpaceVac as their preferred method of cleaning in high-level areas. You see – much like any multi-level building with lots of people residing and working within it – the high level areas found within hotels begin to collect dust; while some of this will be cleaned by the usual cleaning team with a polish and cloth, some of the material will settle above head height – in areas that cannot be easily reached by the cleaning team. In addition, cleaning teams onsite often dont have the time or resources to be able to bring in access equipment to reach these areas to clean. This is where SpaceVac comes into its own.

The cleaning team at the Radisson Blu chain of hotels in the UK recently came to the SpaceVac team with a desire to introduce our range of high-level cleaning systems across a number of properties the full span of the UK. 

The team had quickly identified that by using SpaceVac – they would be able to quickly and safely get rid of their high level dust problem from the ground. The most appealing aspect for the team was that the cleaning teams would be able to complete this work in a matter of hours with no access equipment – meaning that not only would properties be much cleaner – but the impact on hotel guests would be minimal thanks to SpaceVacs light operational footprint. 

Throughout 2019, SpaceVacs worked closely with the cleaning team at Radisson Blu to manage a full rollout of SpaceVac systems across the estate – with a full after sales support and training programme implemented to fully support the rollout as well. 

SpaceVac Demonstration

Leeane Shaw at Radisson Blu said “We were very impressed all the way along – from the demo team who were fantastic; very professional and eager to help us out in any way they could – to the results from the system itself. The reaction from our cleaning crew on the ground has been great – they all love it!!

Contact us today to discuss your specialist cleaning requirements and see how SpaceVac could save you time and money today! 

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