Published on 21 February 2020

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While the core of our cleaning systems (and the part most people recognise first) is our high-level pole systems – one area that is absolutely crucial to the SpaceVac range is the range of cleaning tools and accessories that compliment each system.

You see; while reaching high level areas is great – without the right tool to gather and collect the dust or other materials efficiently, the issue will remain. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a range of accessories across all of our cleaning systems that provide a range of options.

Vacum part

Our Internal Cleaning System features a range of different options for operators – from larger width tools like our 15″ Flexi brush or floor tool for quickly cleaning large areas like ceilings, walls or shutter doors.

In addition, the system also features a range of more detail orientated and specialist tools – such as the small flexi brush, round brush and range of ducting brushes that are perfect for the kind of detail cleaning that is sometimes required to clean around all sorts of obstacles – from ducting and pipework, to ledges, beams and all sorts of other obstacles.

This range of tools and accessories provides a range of options to cleaners working in almost any internal environment. You can see some examples of these tools in actions in the short video clips below:

To offer even further flexibility – in addition to the cleaning brushes and accessories, operators can select from a choice of four different angled cleaning heads to provide a range of different angles and options. Adding an unbelievable further level of customisation – all of these cleaning tools and accessories can interlock to create custom shapes and configurations that allow operators to reach into, over and around even the most tricky to reach areas!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we also offer a range of add on accessories and specialist tools that can be added onto the SV system and can even create custom and bespoke tools for customers with specific needs.

To talk to us about how our Internal cleaning system can help you keep on top of your cleaning and FM regimen, why not book a free demo on your premises today!

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